Wk 8 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 1

  1. For this week I plan to draw my name out in big letters but not just regularly draw it out, but I want to include the periodic table. For example, for every letter I will make sure it represents an element in the table. I will make up my name by continuously writing the elements name within the letters that they represent. For example, my name is Agustin, the first two letters in my name AG represent Silver so I will be using the word silver to make up the letter AG and so on. I will also make sure to include their weight and periodic number. I want to do this because I am really into science and have always wanted to implement science into my art pieces. So as soon as I heard that it was a free for all this week, I knew that I wanted to do this for this week’s assignment. I will not need much resources but my colors, pencils, and markers. I will also need my imagination to kick in to probably add more ideas to include I might also you the color of a certain element to represent the color of the letter. For example, for Silver I will use the color grey to represent that element. One concern that I have is whether I have the ability to actually draw my name out and whether I am able to consistently draw each letter the same size. I believe that I have enough time to complete this assignment and that I have the materials necessary. I also believe that my audience will understand what I am trying to display.

Below I have included pictures that I will use as resources to complete the assignment this week.



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