Wk 4 — Art Activity — Architecture & Urban Planning

In my design I created a map of how I believe CSULB should structure in the future I have decided to remove all the walking up and down campus and make all the building structures closer to each other. For example, I find the University Fountain to be very special and unique on our campus, so I placed it in the center of campus making the center piece of campus. Within the fountain I have also decided to add a shark sculpture since we have a mascot now, I feel like we should embrace our inner shark. Around the University fountain I have decided to put all the restaurants like Burger King, Pollo Loco, Waba Grill, etc. pretty much making the center of campus a place to hang out and enjoy the view of the campus around us. On the bottom and top left of the campus I have decided to put all the classrooms making them a lot closer and eliminating the problem of walking far for our classes. On the bottom right of campus, I have decided to put the Pyramid on the center of the bottom right and have the library and the USU to the right and Brottman hall and the gym to the left of it. Making this section of the campus the place students go to whenever they need something from the school. Also around the restaurant’s I put a driveway that goes around all of the campus so individuals that enter our campus on vehicle have a chance of viewing our fountain and pyramid and there way around. An issue that I had with creating this was that there are so many buildings in our campus that I had to get rid of several of them due to how I wanted to campus to look at the end and wanting to eliminate the fact that we don’t have to walk as much. I reached my solution by viewing several different university maps and getting a little from each one to come up with this final design.

I believe my design addresses the Education in the internet century because it provides student a place to study and enjoy the unique visuals around our campus. Students that received their education during the internet century became so used to studying but was sometimes difficult to achieve in their homes which is why I made sure this campus remained the same in the aspect of visuals. My design addresses education in the age of Covid-19 because I made sure to provide buildings their space making it safe for students to visit the campus. For example I made sure to sort of label the campus from classrooms to things that students use on a regular basis and needs of a student. So when students do visit campus they know where to go and will not be wandering campus in unnecessary spots. Since I know many students in the COVID-19 age are unaware of how difficult it is to get around campus I have made it a lot easier to navigate through.

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