Wk. 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Agustin Rubio
5 min readNov 30, 2020
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

The U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is an agency that is in charge of keeping our borders closed and safe. The states that CBP operate on are California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Our society has a negative view of them because they believe that they are only looking to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into our country but that is partly false. The reason is that they also make sure no drugs are being crossed and making sure no offenders are leaving or entering our country. They also are confused with ICE which is an agency that operates within the United States, they go from city to city looking for illegal immigrant and are loosely affiliated with CBP. I believe that I can offer value to them because I am a very observant person and that is needed when working for this agency because you need to keep your eyes peeled for every movement whenever you are patrolling the area. I also am very aware of my surrounding making it somewhat less hard to do the job. One skill that I have is that I am bilingual making it fairly easy for me to communicate with anyone crossing the border.

- C.J. Ford Private Investigations

C.J Fords Private Investigation is an institution that I am familiar with since that is the place where I did my internship this past summer. They specialize in assisting the wrongfully convicted meaning they are there to help those who have been treated unfairly by the criminal justice system. While doing my internship there I learned several things there first they taught me how a resume is supposed to look. I appreciate that on my interview for the job they saw that I did not have much experience instead of turning me away they took me in taught me new things and treated me as family. Thanks to CJ Ford Private Investigations I learned how to conduct an interview and even stakeouts. In the time doing my internship with CJ Ford I was in charge of looking through autopsies, court documents, interviewing clients, and conducting stakeouts in which I got a lot of experience and even opened my eyes to how the system functions in todays society. I was able to bring new ideas to the table but quickly learned that no matter how much ideas you bring they sometimes get brushed off due to the overload of cases in today’s society.

- Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is an agency that is well known in our society not only for the good but also for the bad. Police officers are facing controversy due to the actions of some officers that sparked minorities to go against police departments. The LAPD job is bringing justice and work with the public in order to bring piece into a society. Many police departments have tried to enforce the idea of community policing in which they engage communities to work with the police rather than against. For example, if a crime occurs and when police are looking for eyewitnesses that those eyewitnesses come out and help instead of keeping it from the police. Many researchers believe that if community policing were to be enforced worldwide that crime rate would drastically drop since many criminals would worry about who is watching them. Similar to CBP I believe I can bring the value of being observable and being an active individual. I am always on my toes looking for something to help out with and always aware of what is going on around me. This job requires individuals to be mental, physically, and emotionally stable which I believe I possess, and I am also good when working under pressure.

- C.J. Ford (http://www.cjfordpi.com) (Private Detective)

I could not find CJ Ford’s resume or blog, but I do know him as my boss I can say that he presents himself in a professional manner. When it comes down to his employees, he is caring for them always asking whether we are comfortable doing a task for him. One thing about my boss is that you constantly have to remind him about the work you are doing he tends to assign you new tasks because he obviously does not keep track of what all of his employees are doing but overall, he is a great boss. CJ Ford can be described as a passionate individual due to his dedication to helping the wrongfully convicted. CJ Ford is well known by prisoners due to him actually getting a lot of them out of prison he also has a positive influence on many prisoners by getting them to get out on parole and helping once they are out. It been a pleasure working for him.

- Sinan Khan (Homeland Security)

I could not find Sinan Khan’s resume, but I know him as one of my professors from two semesters ago. He was a real intellectual man, and I could see that he loved his job. His profession is based on emergency management meaning that whenever our country or any allies are in a crisis, he is in charge of making sure they receive help. One example is when a hurricane hits and causes several damages they are the ones that help repair the damages and give them food if necessary. I am interested in joining this field but it requires so much experience that I can only see myself joining this profession in the later years.

- Officer T. Frisch

Officer Frisch works for the Redlands Police Department meaning that his job is to deal with civilians and help out the society. I am considering in being an officer, but I need to consider other jobs that include better pay and better benefits. Many consider this a dangerous job due to how society is so against officers now a days making it difficult for officer to be seen in a positive manner. Out of the jobs that I have listed this probably falls lower on the list because I simply am more interested in the jobs I listed.

- If given a website to be able to display to my future employers I would make sure to include in my website the skills that I possess and of course the experience that I have received. My contact information will be located at the top of the site making it easier for my employers to locate me. Similar to a resume I would also list all prior experience that I have received with contact information of my supervisors just in case my future employers want to get more information of how I am as a person. In my website I will also list the number of skills I believe that I have for example if I consider myself to be observable than I may want to list the reasons I believe that and list things that I have done in the past that make me an observable person.

- I will also make sure to list the type of things that I have done in my past jobs and how those things can possibly reflect on to a future job. For example, in my internship when I worked for C.J. Ford Private Investigations I went through many pages of court documents which can probably be very beneficial for someone looking to hire an individual to work for a local court. The reason that I state this is because many employers would like an individual with some experience under there belt.