Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends

https://padlet.com/agustinr14ar/83j1un40rofxf2qz — Joel Y.

I knew my partner fairly well since we had taken a class together in a previous semester, but we never really kept in touch with each after we took our previous class. It was nice to catch up with each other once again. I believe that we now have a better understanding of how we are as people and the types of things that we respect in people. At first, I did not know that he was in a team for League of Legends at CSULB so that is an interesting new fact to learn about him. Yes, this is better way of meeting someone since it has become more difficult to meet people as of lately. Another way of making new friends is the discord that our class has it is really cool how we used that platform to not only talk about class assignments but also to but to meet new people. There isn’t much things that we can do to meet new people compared to how it would be in person. My partner and I used Snapchat to be able to communicate with each other. I believe that it worked perfectly because it was easy to keep a conversation going and we could also exchange pictures of our interests which is an awesome feature to have. It probably would have been better to video chat with him it would have allowed us to probably talk about more things. Padlet worked well and it was easy to navigate. It seems to communicate well at first, I had never heard of this platform, but I believe that it was awesome using it for the first time. I believe that if it came down to meeting people with professional connections I would first head over to sites liked LinkedIn or Reddit to see if there are discords that involve people with similar status to be able to socialize with them. This would then allow me to get connections with people of a higher status.



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