Wk 11 — Artist OTW — Student Choice

Agustin Rubio
2 min readNov 9, 2020


About the Artist

- Cindy Sherman is widely recognized because of the type of art that she has displayed. She is an artist that displays contemporary art and is considered to be very influential in many of the pieces that she has posted. Cindy gets most of her inspiration from films, Television, and magazines. A lot of people tend to admire her because she has been her own model for many of her pieces for almost 30 years making it unique. She herself considers herself to play different roles for example she considers herself a model, photographer, makeup artist, and a stylist.

Formal Analysis

- In Cindy Sherman’s art piece “Untitled” We see a women’s face that has several ants or bugs on here face. Her facial expression has seems to be more like strange and creeped out rather than being scared. We can see that she is a blonde female that has red lipstick on with brown eyebrows. She also has an awkward smile that tells us that she is aware about what is on her face. The colors and shape seem to be simple because it seems like a simple painting with emphasis on the meaning of it.

Content Analysis

- I believe that Cindy Sherman is trying to display in her painting that many women put on a straight face no matter what they go through. For example it is trying to show us that women are tough and go through anything a man could deal with. The ants show that it is an awkward thing to have on her face but she is still able to deal with that adversity and continue to put on a straight face. This probably has to deal with how human being are no matter what we do or deal with in our everyday lives we have to always put on a straight face for everybody else to see.


- This painting personally makes feel discomfort because it seems like the women is put into a position that she did not want to be part of in the first place. Also I think that at some point the women is also unaware of what is on her face for example, she seems to be acting pretty normal for having bugs on her face. A regular person would be freaking out and probably would not have a calm look on there face like her.