Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Agustin Rubio
4 min readOct 19, 2020

Artist: Micol Hebron
Media: Painting, Sculpture, and Drawing
Website: http://www.micolhebron.com/
Instagram: unicornkiller1

Artist: Joseph DeLappe
Media: Media Installation and Gaming Performances
Website: http://www.delappe.net
Instagram: josephdelappe

1. About the Artist

- Joseph DeLappe is considered the professor of games and tactical media at a University in Scotland. DeLappe has been working with electronics and media since the 1980s. It is highly recognized throughout the United States and several European countries around the world. The reason that DeLappe is highly recognized is that he is involved in gaming, and he has created first-person shooting games that are extremely popular around the world. One of his most recognized games released by him is called “Kill Box,” which is most notably nominated for Best Computer Game in Scotland. On the other hand, we have Micol Hebron is involved with painting, drawing, and Video in Los Angeles for the past 15 years. Hebron got her education at UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, and studied abroad in Italy. Hebron is still contributing to society, specifically in Los Angeles. She opened up a gallery and has hosted exhibitions in the area. Hebron can be seen as an inspiration to many female artists, showing them what can be done as a woman in society by featuring in magazines and Art shows. Nowadays, Hebron teaches fine art and art history, spreading her knowledge of and coming artists.

2. Formal Analysis

- These artists differentiate in their pieces because Hebron has a feminist approach to her pieces. For example, it is noticeable that she appreciates the female body and appreciates the male body. Hebron’s pieces can be seen being more on the bright side; recently, she has been pushing her followers to go out and vote. They seem to contain several primary colors to get her message out. Like Hebron, DeLappe uses color to display his message, but the only difference is that DeLappe uses more common colors than Hebron. DeLappe uses his social media to show his art and show his family, which you can tell means a lot to him. DeLappe being a gaming creator, does not show much of it on his social media; he seems to show more scenery and unique items that he sees. Compared to Hebron, DeLappe does not embrace his pieces on social media while Hebron does.

3. Content Analysis

- As previously mentioned, Hebron is trying to display this feminist movement in which she publicizes this painting called “The Happy Lion,” in which it depicts two guys penises tangled up with each other. Based on the painting, I believe that she is trying to send the message that most men hurt themselves with their penises. If there is an argument between two guys, they both have egos that cannot be beaten. This shows that men tend to feud with each other, but it also shows that men tend to only think with their penises rather than with their brain causing them to get into more trouble than if they changed their train of thought into what was beneficial to them. In a piece created by DeLappe called “Cardboard Soldier” seems to be a more significant piece than usual based on the people standing around his piece in the museum. I believe that he took inspiration from his previous accomplishments with gaming. DeLappe is known for creating first-person shooting games. This art piece shows a fallen soldier face down with a gun at his side. He is trying to display that although he creates first-person shooting games, he understands the hardships that every soldier tends to go through. This sculpture seems to have a blocky build to it and shows that he has respect for our soldiers at war.

4. Synthesis/My experience

-After viewing these two pieces, I can say that they are both fantastic in their field. I respect that Hebron can appreciate the male body and tell a story through her art by showing that men tend to struggle with themselves. I believe that she is trying to say that men tend to be the only ones that hold themselves back nobody else. This is a unique piece because I do not look at art too often, and I have never seen human anatomy be used as an art piece, while DeLappe seems to use the body to display a message. DeLappe shows us a fallen soldier who, in the United States, it is expected for us to respect those serving our country. All I can say about this piece is that it shows both sides of the war, the side that shows that our soldiers are brave but at the same time shows that they put their lives on the line to give us our freedom.