Week 7 — Art Idea Essay — The Art of Place

Agustin Rubio
3 min readOct 12, 2020



- I believe that the place where someone is at plays a big part in what it is meant for. One example of this school we as a whole this place of education giving it a purpose and a status that we all acknowledge. I believe that every place that we go to has its own culture. For example, we all attend CSULB, so we know what it means to be a shark, how it feels to be at the Beach, and we know what other places there are at the Beach. This place we call the Beach affects us all in a positive way I don’t know about the rest of my classmates but this place is my second home because it is a place where I can exercise, sleep, eat, and meet new people who make the Beach what it is. I believe that our diversity makes the Beach an influential and fun place to be at.


- In my research I look into D.R. Williams which explains to us the branches of place that he believes in. Williams states that a sense of place is created by the attachment that you have with it and the meaning behind the place. For example, our attachment to the Beach can be describe as education, life, and the future. We can get attached to places based on the types of beliefs that we have for example if we believe that an education will give us a better life then most likely we will have a huge attachment with our education system. This will then increase our meaning of what place means.


- Some other forms of place can also be found in places previously discussed in our Lecture. One that has stood out to me is the virtual world because I can strongly relate to feeling a sense of place in a video game. I believe this place is better for individuals who are considered introverted it provides a platform where several people who share the same interests can communicate with each other. This place has adapted to this pandemic in a positive way in which it gives individuals who are quarantined to communicate more than ever now that people are left to do things they are not used to. I believe this plays in favor of Gen-Z because they rely so much on technology that being part of the virtual world is nothing new to them. Millennials may find their place in an environment where they have to work for the things that they want but they can also be similar to baby boomers and find a sense of place in their own homes.


- I believe the sense of place in 2021 is going to be Zoom with the simple reason being that this pandemic has forced us to stay at home and engage in virtual learning. America in 2024 I see it going back to normal pandemic free, but with the only thing being that in that time America will be a place that will engage in becoming a cleaner country similar to how New Zealand is Pandemic free. In 2050 I see America engaging in sanitary tactics to avoid another pandemic from happening. I will try and navigate place by beginning to understand what feels comfortable to me and what environments have the potential to be my next place. With the pandemic going on I will develop my sense of place in an outside environment rather than inside. I would like to experience place by allowing myself to be a part of an agency and being able to push myself to work in a field that I have always dreamed of.