Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8

Agustin Rubio
2 min readOct 10, 2020

Victoria Colaruotolo — https://medium.com/@victoria.colaruotolo

Justin Smith — https://medium.com/@spideyboy350

Khemraj Gharti Magar— https://medium.com/@khemmagar26

On a Sunday morning, Whiskers the cat woke up and looked outside of his window. He woke up feeling energetic, but he did not know what to do today.
Whiskers went out for a walk to the park maybe that would help him decide what to. It was a purrfect day to do something athletic with all his friends.
Whiskers knew it was a purrfect day because he looked up and saw the clouds they were all scattered which meant that it was not to hot or too cold to do something.
While on his walk he took a picture of a beautiful orange flower with the stem included. This flower accompanied by other flowers stood out the most because of its unique color.
While walking at the park Whiskers saw a bunch of friends playing basketball and thought maybe that’s what he could do but no he thought to himself.
Further down in his walk he saw a little kid playing soccer and was convinced that this is what he wanted to do but quickly remembered that he did not know how to play soccer let alone kick a ball.
Whiskers was quickly giving up on ideas and was just thinking of going home and playing video games. Whiskers is really into games like NBA 2k20, FIFA, and Rocket League.
But then Whiskers remembered that he does have a lot of friends so why not give them a shout? It would not hurt to try.
His dog friend Jeremy agreed to go out and play with him with one condition that he will only go if there were treats.
Whiskers then invited his friends Lucky (left) and Ruff (right)and they agreed but also wanted there to be treats. These two brothers are an energetic pair that fuel up on food.
Finally, Whiskers invited Sunny (left) and Coco (right) and they agreed. Coco didn’t really want to go because he knew Sunny and the other dogs were way bigger than him and he knew he might get hurt. Similar to the other dogs he was convinced with treats.
Whiskers had decided to go play basketball because he remembered that he had just gotten a new basketball from his mom and was going to try it out with his friends.
Whiskers, Jeremy, Lucky, Ruff, Sunny, and Coco went to this beautiful park to go and play basketball with each other. They were all there the whole day and at the end of the day they all ate treats and talked amongst each other.