Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

I decide to use Facebook, Instagram, and my high school website.

I have decided to choose Instagram because I believe that it shows everything that we as individuals do in life are successes and our loved ones. This platform was chosen because it also is something that I have used to display what I have done throughout my life. I have decided to try an display my successes which are my graduation from high school, from Long Beach state, and actually getting a job that was a part of my field. I believe that if I would have chosen Facebook the posts would have not gotten as much attention as they would on Instagram. The reason being that many people who get on Facebook usually tend to scroll through pictures because they are updated profile pictures most of the time. On Instagram picture tend to get more attention since that is what Instagram revolves around it also allows more options for anything your posting.

I believe that I did great it conveys what I wanted it to convey. I wanted to show that I have gotten my education not from one school but from two. I am proud to say that I am a class of 2016 and 2020. I never thought that I would be able to achieve this milestone in my life let alone get an internship that would be in my field. I am currently working in a law firm which is why I am showing you guys a picture of me in my work attire. I believe it conveys my journey from being a freshman in high school, to a college student, and becoming an adult and getting a job.



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