Week 3 — Art Activity — Drawing

Agustin Rubio
3 min readSep 14, 2020

After doing this week’s activity I found it both fun and frustrating to do. The reason that I found it frustrating is because drawing is not a talent that I possess so my drawing look like they were done in rush but in reality, I actually put a lot of effort. I found it frustrating because I would try and put a lot of details into my drawings, but it always seemed like I either needed more detail in sketch or I add to much. On the other hand, it was fun because I challenged myself to actually try an draw. I noticed that I would draw in my down time when I wanted to let all my thoughts out which actually relaxed me and allowed me to keep my composure while drawing. It might seem like I do not like drawing, but I do not oppose of it I believe drawing is a skill that everybody uniquely has, what I mean by this is that everybody draw different and one can impress with their different drawing style. Most likely I will draw again because as I previously mentioned it is a stress reliever and needed for those trying to express themselves on paper. I believe that I will draw but in the form of painting since I enjoy mixing colors and exploring different types of color.

I believe that if I actually practiced drawing that I would get better, I am a strong believer in the saying “practice makes perfect”. If you set your mind to doing something and stay committed, then without a doubt you can perfect or improve on it. I believe that if I practice drawing then this assignment would be a lot easier but like I mentioned earlier I like to challenge myself to do things.

My major is criminal justice, I believe that simple sketching plays a huge role in the suspect identification process. For example, if there is an eyewitness, we might need someone who is good at drawing and in detail to draw a suspect based on the features that the eyewitness is describing. This is why believe it plays a significant role in my major since few possess this talent. I believe that drawing is a language because drawing can speak a thousand words for example in my major if we need someone to sketch how a suspect looks that is a way of communicating that we can figure out how a suspects looks without looking at any footage or going through any evidence. Yes, we can say things through drawings that are hard to say with words. The prime example of this are children, they tend to draw what they feel or want to say for example there have been several cases in my major where children tend to draw what they have seen in there households and even draw what kind of things have been done to them. Overall drawing can be expressed differently based on the individual and what they have experienced.

P.S. I drew two trees in one drawing i thought that would be unique.