Week 11 Student Choice Part 4

I believe that my technical skill could have been stronger because i need to add more detail like color and i expect it to be more polished by the coming week. As a whole i believe that my piece works good together and that by seeing it at first many will be to tell what i am trying to display to them. I believe that if i use color in this piece i will most likely be able to display it properly then when it does not have color. I believe that my classmates had the same idea/critique as me which was to add more color to it but i dont really know what can correspond to each element for example on idea that i had was to make the letters of my name the same color as there elements which i believe is going to be the way to go for the next step. This time i tried to do it more neat but i believe that i need to probably recreate it on paper that does not have lines that way it looks more polished as a final version.

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